How Propane Can Save Money

There are many different benefits to propane. So how can propane save money? Propane is a byproduct of natural gas and petroleum. Most of the propane used in the U.S. is domestic, while some of it comes from Canada. In the U.S., there are about 3,000 propane companies and over 70 percent of them are family-owned companies. So, when you use propane, you not only save energy, you help support the economic growth of America. This article will go over many different ways propane can save money!

So Exactly How Can Propane Save Money?

Heating Your Home

Propane is more cost effective and eco-friendly. Switching to a propane heater can help reduce your energy bill up to 50%. Using propane to heat your home is one of the easiest ways propane can save money.

Heating Your Water

Switching to propane can save your water bill up to 20%. On top of the savings, propane water heaters are very durable. Some can last up to 10 years longer than regular electric water heaters.

Cooking Your Food

Albeit more expensive at first, propane ovens and stovetops cost less in energy. Ultimately saving you more in the long run than a regular electric stove. The instant flame also allows for quicker preheat times and heat control. Also if you lose power, you can still cook with a propane stove and oven.

If You Lose Power

If you lose power during a storm or electric company outage, you are out on hot water and heat for your home. If you have a backup generator that runs on propane, you can operate the appliances you need even during an outage. This is especially important if you use medical devices, such as CPAP machines that rely on electricity.

Washing Your Clothes

Propane powered washer and dryers are also another way to save money on your bills.

Energy-Efficient Home Tax Credit

Not only co you save money with propane heating, but you also can get an energy tax credit for making energy improvements in your home. Switching to propane heating may qualify you for a 10% tax credit of the cost of energy-saving home heating and water heating systems. Make sure you check with the Internal Revenue Service if you’re planning on a tax credit. The credit options can change each year.

In the long run, switching to propane can help lower bills and over time that money add up and help you!


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