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Why You Should Choose Propane vs. Natural Gas

Texas Propane vs. natural gas are both common fuels utilized for heating homes and powering appliances across the country. Choosing between one or the other can be difficult. Texas Propane explains the benefits of our propane gas when compared to … Continue reading

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Propane Cylinder Requirements in Texas

Rules and regulations pertaining to Texas Propane cylinders and LP Gas bottles account for their portability, as well as their variety of uses. There are numerous propane cylinder requirements, which involve storage, transportation and acceptable use. Texas Propane will list … Continue reading

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Converting Gas Appliances

Gas appliance conversions to either natural gas or propane involves the changing of internal parts to properly compensate for the differing pressures between the two. Appliances fueled either by natural gas or propane can be converted to run on the … Continue reading

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Can I Paint My Propane Tank?

The answer to this question is yes. However, can you paint it any color you want? No, you cannot. NFPA 58 states that propane containers must be painted a heat reflective color. The majority of state regulatory agencies have their … Continue reading

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Is There a Shortage of Propane?

According to the ICF International’s release of its “2013 Propane Market Outlook”, the conditions of the propane industry were looking pretty decent, as new applications were going to create more opportunities, prices were dropping comparably to diesel and gasoline, and … Continue reading

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Propane Delivery Questions – Common Questions About Bulk LP Gas Delivery

While propane delivery seems simple, propane customers sometimes have questions surrounding the delivery process. These questions are commonly asked of propane dealers and have common explanations involving laws, LP Gas requirements and physics.

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Using Propane for the First Time – New Propane Customers

There’s a first time for everything and many people buy or rent a home that has a big propane tank in the backyard and they have no idea what to do. Truthfully, it is almost exactly like natural gas or … Continue reading

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Above Average Propane Usage is Not Necessarily a Leak

Texas propane companies hear this more often from residential consumers during periods of cold weather. It is more common for propane marketers in the southern states to get these calls than northern marketers because the weather and climate is so … Continue reading

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Factors that Influence Propane Price

One of the most common inquiries that any propane dealer ever answers is the question, “What is the price of propane?” While the answer will always simply be a dollar figure, propane prices are a bit more complex than just … Continue reading

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Safe Handling of Propane Cylinders

Propane safety is our number one priority at Texas Propane. Propane is a safe, efficient, and reliable fuel but must be used and handled correctly or it can be dangerous. Texas Propane has an ongoing safety training policy as well … Continue reading

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