Propane for Commercial Use


Using propane gas heating for commercial use is a smart energy choice that helps commercial construction professionals achieve top-notch performance and efficient, low-cost operation. Here are a few of the many benefits of using propane gas heating for commercial use.

Forklift Fuel

Propane cylinder exchange programs power a forklift fleet. As of 2011, all forklifts used in the state of Texas require a vehicle emissions test. Propane is a certified clean alternative fuel.

On the Farm

There are many uses of propane, including crop drying, flame cultivation, fruit ripening, space heating for barns, chicken houses, nurseries, stock tanks, running a variety of engines and natural processing of feed for all your livestock needs.

Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Propane is used in more than one million commercial establishments, such as hotels, restaurants and laundromats. Uses include heating air, heating water, cooking, refrigerating, drying clothes, barbecuing and lighting. More than 350,000 industrial sites rely on it for space heating, brazing, soldering, cutting, heat treating, annealing, vulcanizing and many other uses.

Petrochemical Industries

Pretrochemical industries use propane in the manufacturing process of plastics.

Recycling Yards

Recycling yards also use propane as a portable source of fuel for torch cutting through many types of metal, making it an easy to use fuel for all end users.

Road Crews

Road crews rely on propane for fuel and efficiency of vehicles, as well as the heating source of asphalt and patching material.


These are just a few of the many benefits of using propane for commercial use. Contact us here at Texas Propane with the link below for more information!

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  1. I had no idea that propane is used in over a million commercial locations. That’s an incredibly high number, but it makes sense with how efficient I’ve heard propane is. My brother is going to be starting a business, and he’ll be using a commercial space. I’m sure he’ll need some sort of fuel for heating and things like that, so maybe he should use propane since so many other businesses do.

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