Propane Explosions, Myths and Facts


There are a number of common misconceptions about propane because many of us don’t properly understand propane gas tanks and how they work. Texas Propane is here to separate the facts from the myths.

Propane Tanks Do Not Just Explode

Contrary to what many may believe, propane tanks do not just randomly explode. The material that makes up propane gas tanks is protective of the gas inside. Therefore it does not just combust.

Explosions are Caused by Falling Over

Chances are, if a propane gas tank is hit by a car, lawnmower or by accidental human error, and falls over, the pressure and contact it has with another item will make it combust, maybe even explode, and go on fire.

Human Error is the Biggest of Explosions

If you don’t abide by the safety precautions put in place when it comes to a propane gas tank, you can likely cause an explosion. The reason rules are in place is to avoid potential accidents from occurring. If you are unsure on what to do, contact a professional here at Texas Propane for more information.

Propane Tanks Cannot be Near Excessive Heat

Putting a propane tank in a hot environment can be extremely dangerous. It is important to keep the propane tank somewhere that is away from hot environments as they increase the chance of explosion.

A Professional Should Install Your Tank

The installation of a propane tank should be done by a professional. Choosing to install a propane tank as a DIY project can have dangerous consequences if not installed properly.  Under no circumstances should you try to install or tend a propane tank on your own. Contact us today to have a propane tank installed by a professional at Texas Propane.


This is just a few myths and facts about propane tanks and propane explosions. For more information about propane tanks or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Texas Propane today with the link below!

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