The Purpose of Propane Inspections

Propane Heater

Safety and efficiency are two of the biggest priorities when it comes to propane. Whether you’re using a propane grill during a summer barbecue, or a water heater to keep warm during the winter, there are many residential uses for propane. Our experts at Texas Propane can perform seasonal inspections of your propane products to ensure they are running safely and efficiently for you and your family.

Safety is Priority

Safety is our biggest concern here at Texas Propane. Our experience staff of professionals will thoroughly inspect your current propane installation before pumping any new fuel to ensure yours and your family’s safety. Along with following propane safety tips, a detailed seasonal inspection is a great way to ensure your safety.


With our inspections we can check the efficiency of your propane system, ensuring you are getting the most for your money. An efficiency inspection, in the case of water heaters, can potentially reduce your monthly utility bills.

For more information on efficiency of propane check out our article Efficiency of Propane: Propane Appliances.


The safety of you and your family is our primary concern here at Texas Propane. You can keep your mind at ease with our seasonal propane inspections to ensure the safety and efficiency of your propane system. Our main goal is to meet our customer’s needs to ensure satisfaction. Contact us with the link below for more information or to schedule your next inspection!

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