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How to Prepare for Floods with Propane

While propane tanks and floods generally don’t mix well, proper preparation can minimize the impact a flood has on an LP Gas installation. Floating tanks are typically associated with buried container installations and heavy rains but outright flooding can result … Continue reading

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How to Prepare for Severe Storms with Propane

Mother nature deals some of her harshest blows through hurricanes and tornadoes. While these types of severe weather events can be planned for well in advance and can be anticipated if predicted by weather forecasters, the reality is that severe … Continue reading

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How to Prepare for Wildfires with Propane

Wildfires are out of control grass fires that make the news almost daily in different parts of the U.S. These fires are fueled by dry weather conditions, drought and other environmental factors that threaten homes and businesses in their path. … Continue reading

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Propane, Emergencies and Natural Disasters

Emergencies in the propane industry are all relative to what is actually occurring or forecast to occur. This is also true for propane consumers and is dependent upon any number circumstances. This article will list and discuss a few of … Continue reading

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