Propane Safety During a Power Outage

propane safety during a power outage

Whether it’s a hurricane, thunderstorm, windstorm or hailstorm, there’s numerous reasons why you might suffer a power outage. If your home uses propane, there are few simple precautions you can take to keep your family safe. Therefore, we he have put together some information on propane safety during a power outage.

Propane Safety During a Power Outage

Before a Storm

The first step before a storm occurs is to make sure the whole family can identify the scent of propane gas (similar to skunk’s spray or rotten eggs). Also, check your propane tank to ensure you have enough fuel to last a few days, in case of¬†flooding or being without electricity for an extended period of time. In the event of a leak, it is essential to know how and where to turn off the propane supply.

Additionally, installing and maintaining carbon monoxide and propane gas detectors on every level of your home can be useful. Just make sure to follow the manufacturers’ instructions for installation, location and maintenance.

Lastly, create a list of safety instructions for your family for storms and power outages. Not only will having an emergency preparedness plan provide peace of mind, it can be useful if your home loses power during a storm.

During a Power Outage

If you are experiencing a power outage, we recommend turning off all lights and electrical appliances that were operating before the outage. This can help to prevent a power surge when the electricity returns.

Make sure to use extreme caution when operating portable propane-powered generators. In addition, never use a propane generator indoors, as this can result in carbon monoxide hazards. This also applies for storing propane cylinders in enclosed areas and using outdoor propane appliances, gas ovens, grills, portable heaters or range-top burners for indoor space heating.

Limit exposure to rain on backup propane-powered generators, as they can produce high voltage.

After Power Has Returned

Once the power has returned in your home, inspect all propane tanks and appliances for any damage. Power outages can cause refrigerators and freezers to leak water or sump pumps to stop working. Therefore, make sure to check for standing water before you attempt to turn on any electrical or propane appliances.

If you suspect you might have damage to your propane system or appliances, contact a qualified technician at Texas Propane. Never attempt to repair any valves or operate equipment, appliances, vehicles or turn on the main gas supply on your own.

If you believe you have a propane leak, immediately extinguish all open flames. Make sure your family is outside and contact Texas Propane right away.


For more information on propane safety during a power outage, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Texas Propane with the link below!

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