Propane Forklift Cylinder Connections

propane forklift cylinder connections

Propane forklifts utilize the liquid connection of an industrial LP Gas cylinder for operation. This means the service valve ultimately communicates with the liquid space of the container. Forklift valve and connection fittings are interchangeable. Therefore, repairs are quick to make to any portion of the valve or connection assembly if related problems or leaks arise. Only licensed propane companies should perform these repairs. We will discuss propane forklift cylinder connections.

Propane Forklift Cylinder Connections

Securing the Forklift Cylinder Valve and Hose Coupling

Once the forklift cylinder is properly mounted, the hose end connection needs to be securely attached to the cylinder valve. One can do this by screwing the hose-end connection onto the forklift cylinder service valve. Make sure the valve is closed before making the connection. You can do this by turning the valve hand wheel clockwise because this is a liquid connection.

Additionally, it is ideal to use gloves when securing the connection. Not only does this allow for a better grip while tightening, but it also provides protection in case any liquid propane escapes during the connection process. Escaping propane liquid can burn (freeze) unprotected skin.

Troubleshoot Leaking Forklift Cylinder Valves

Forklift operators can sometimes find cylinder valves and hose-end connections on forklifts to be frustrating. After mounting the bottle on the lift truck, making all valve and hose connections and then opening the LP Gas service valve, propane begins to leak at the point of connection. Generally, tightening the hose end coupling will stop the leak but there are times when this does not work and the operator thinks the whole valve is faulty. However, the valve is just fine and the problem likely is the absence of an O-ring on the interior of the acme fitting.

You can easily fix the “leaking valve” problem by placing a new gasket in the fitting. However, if you don’t have any spare gaskets on hand, make sure to inform your propane company of the problem.


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