What to Do if Your Propane Gauge is Low

What to do if your propane gauge is low

You may notice that your propane gauge is in the red. A propane gauge is typically marked at the 20% line. With a cold front coming in soon, you realize you need the heat now. Therefore, we will discuss what to do if your propane gauge is low.

What to Do if Your Propane Gauge is Low

Safety Hazards of Letting Your Propane Gauge Get Too Low

Propane tanks are heat sensitive. If there’s too much heat, high pressure forms inside of the tank. Above ground tanks are silver or white to reflect the heat. When the weather is cold or if the tank is too empty, the gases do not expand enough to fill the space within the propane tank. This results in low pressure.

Running out of propane gas can cause serious safety hazards. Fore or explosion are among the most serious.

Propane tank explosions can occur due to the following:

  • Leaving valves or gas lines open when the gas runs out, refills leak out
  • Air and moisture cause rust in an empty or nearly empty tank and that weakens the tank
  • Rust removes the odor from propane and leaks are unnoticed

All it takes is stray gas vapor to reach an ignition source for a fire or explosion to occur.

Less distressing, but no less inconvenient, is the process to recharge a tank that becomes empty.

For your safety, we have a qualified technician here at Texas Propane that can perform a leak check before restarting pilot lights.

So, What Do You Do if Your Propane Tank Gets Too Low?

If your tank is still above 10%, then you have a few days. Make sure to call Texas Propane for service.

If you need to stretch it out, you can reduce your use for a few days. Limit your propane burning activities to necessities. Don’t let your pilot lights go out if avoidable.

How to Avoid Emergency Propane Refills

Check your propane gauge regularly. You may even find it helpful to make a habit of something simple like putting on socks, then glancing at the gauge. However, others prefer regular reminds set up on their phones.

Always plan on propane delivery around 20%. Texas Propane offers regular propane delivery to help avoid emergency refills. To schedule your propane delivery with Texas Propane, contact us with the link below today!

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