What Could the Hissing Noise be in My Propane Tank?

What could the hissing noise be in my propane tank?

Sometimes propane tanks will give an indication of a leak by sound. Many describe this noise as a “hissing” noise coming from the tank that gets louder as they get closer. While the product is leaking in some capacity, it might not necessarily be a propane gas “leak”. We will answer the question, “What could the hissing noise be in my propane tank?”

What Could the Hissing Noise be in My Propane Tank?

Open Bleeder Valve

It is necessary for your propane delivery driver to open the fixed liquid level gauge (bleeder valve) every time he fills your tank with propane.

On occasion, your propane delivery driver may not completely close the bleeder valve following the filling process or there might be a blockage in the bleeder valve opening by a small piece of debris from inside the tank that cleared following the driver’s departure. In this case, simply turning the bleeder valve clockwise will close the valve and stop the flow of gas.

Relief Valve Actuating

After the a recent propane delivery, if the weather gets hot outside and the sun is high overhead, the safety relieve valve may be open slightly to allow excess pressure to vent. If the relief valve is open, the protective cap will be removed from the top of the valve from the pressure buildup. If this is the case, do not look into the relief valve or tap it with anything. This may cause the relief valve to open all the way. The relief valve is doing what it was designed to do and on hot, sunny days, propane tanks are subject to excessive pressure due to expanding liquid within the tank.

One way to remedy the situation is to cool down the tank. You can do this by spraying water from a garden hose on the surface of your tank. This will typically cause the relief valve to close.


These are just a few common reasons on “What could the hissing noise be in my propane tank?”. Contact us with the link below for more information or to schedule a propane tank repair service with us!

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