Texas Propane Tank Installation Process


Propane tank installation

Here at Texas Propane, we are licensed propane company that can perform propane tank installation. Attempting to install your own propane tank is not only illegal, but not advised without the professional knowledge and background.

Propane Tank Installation Process


After deciding the appropriate tank size, we will make all of the necessary arrangements for the proper propane tank placement.

Before installation of the propane tank, a concrete pad will need to be in place. Here at Texas Propane, we will make sure to meet distance requirements and apply for all required permits.

Specifically for underground tanks, we will ensure that the hole is in place and conforms to the required specifications. In some cases, we may require a septic company to dig the hole for the underground propane tank. We install the propane tank where it won’t be in a direct path of the propane delivery truck.

We will make various other preparations whether the tank installation is above or underground.

Installation Process

The beginning of the installation process will be our team arriving with the propane tank. We often use a crane to lift and place the tank on its concrete pad, blocks or hole (underground tanks).

Then, we’ll run the LP Gas yard line to hook the gas plumbing stub and propane tank regulator. We will then cover the trench with back-fill and test the system for leaks. Your delivery driver will arrive during the installation and fill the tank with propane.

After the test and safety inspection, our installers will light any pilot lights. Then, we will check appliances for proper operation and review the installation with you.


For more information on our propane tank installation process, contact us with the link below!

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