What Size Propane Tank Suits Your Home?

The size of your propane tank can vary and is solely dependable on the size of your home or business. Making sure you have the correct size is important because it can save your bank account. Save yourself the trouble of having to schedule multiple refills by making sure you have the proper size tank for your home or commercial business. 

Disadvantages of the Wrong Size Propane Tank

While buying a tank that is too big is not a huge disadvantage, buying a tank that is too small can affect your budget because you will need propane refill deliveries more. Choosing the right size propane tank is a key factor and starting point in your propane investment. It’s also important to regularly reevaluate your propane usage and ensure your tank size is meeting your needs. New propane appliances or even a growing family can dramatically change your propane needs and may warrant installing a new tank.

What Size Do You Need?

When it comes to deciding what size propane tank you need, it all comes down to how large your house is and how many propane appliances you own. Smaller homes with fewer appliances need smaller tanks; larger homes with more appliances and items like heated pools are going to need much larger ones.

If your home or commercial business is under 3,500 square feet, than ideally a 500-gallon tank is the best option. For any homes or businesses that are bigger than 3,500 square feet it would be best to invest in a 1,000-gallon or even a 2,000-gallon tank.

For smaller things, like a grill, it is best to look into 20-100 pound tanks. It is advisable to consider your usage when investing into propane tanks. For the average griller or indoor fireplace users, a 100 pound tank is the best option whereas someone who does not utilize their outdoor grill as much should look into a 20 or 33 pound tank.

The Verdict

Investing in propane as many advantages, ensuring you have the right size tank for your needs shouldn’t be hard! Call us today for any questions on your propane investment! 

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