Safely Transporting Propane Tanks

  Transporting your portable propane tank to your home is relatively safe, still it is smart to be aware of the best practices. The best practice is to ensure the tank is upright and not on its side, and that the tank is secured so it won’t slide or tip during the trip. Use ropes or straps rather than chains or other materials that could damage the tank. 

Transporting Your Portable Propane Tank

Some of the best ways and/or practices for transporting your portable propane tank are as follows:

  1. Truck bed or Trailer – If you’re driving a pickup truck or have a trailer attached to your vehicle, make sure you carefully secure your portable propane tank with bungee cord or rope. You want to make sure the tank stays upright during the drive, and prevent it from sliding or bouncing around.
  2. Backseat – Wedge your propane tank tightly between the front seat and the back seat. Make sure the tank is upright and firmly secured, so it doesn’t fall over or become dislodged during the drive. For extra security, a bungee cord or rope can keep it in place.
  3. Trunk- If you are transporting your propane tank in the trunk of your vehicle, you’ll need some support to make sure it stays upright on its way to your destination. A pre-made stand will work well for this, but something with high sides—like a milk crate—should work, too.

What Not To Do

  1. Keep a filled tank in a hot vehicle
  2. Transport a tank that is not secured
  3. Keep your tank in a poorly ventilated area in your vehicle.



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