How to Prevent Damage to Your Propane Tank

Propane Tank Protection

Propane tanks are subject to protection requirements for obvious reasons. Propane tanks that are “subject to vehicular traffic” need protection from any type of impact caused by a vehicle. Tanks that are subject to tampering of any kind also require protection from such activity. The installation location of propane tanks plays a role in their inherent protection. However, additional protection is sometimes necessary. We will discuss propane tank protection to give you a better idea of the reasoning behind these requirements.

Propane Tank Protection

Tank Protection from Tampering

The subject of tampering with propane tanks is not a common topic, but does warrant attention. The primary issue is the service line and its susceptibility to jarring. This is because that may result in gas leaks at the connections along the line. Tampering with unprotected propane tanks is a concerning factor where groups of people gather. This can includes places such as a school yard or athletic field.

Tampering is typically not an issue regarding residential propane tanks. However, as a precaution, tell children that the family propane tank is not something to play on or around. If a propane tank is near a popular area such as a baseball field, it needs protection from the public. Protection includes enclosing the tank with the perimeter fencing.

LP Gas Tank Protection from Vehicular Traffic

Installation of propane tanks where there’s a lot of automobile traffic requires protection form potential impact. Tampering or accidental jarring of the line or tank by people. However, a slight bump by a car can be much more damaging. While the propane tank will not likely have damage, the movement of the tank can be much more significant. This can result in a stronger and more drastic movement of the service line.

Extreme vehicle impact force can cause large leaks or even total breakage of the gas service line can occur. If hit directly, the gas line can suffer severe damage. This may cause larger and more critical leaks, requiring the tank service valve to be closed until repairs are done.

Propane Tank Domes – Protecting Tank Valves and Fittings

The propane tank dome is the first line of defense against damage that can be caused to the tank fittings installed directly under the dome. In addition, the dome provides protection for the regulator and its vent.

Propane tank domes are a part of a propane tank and are included when delivered. With secure attachment and closing of a propane tank dome, damage and possible breakage by falling debris, heavy materials or large tree limbs can occur to tank fittings. The propane tank dome is an integral part of a propane tanks’ overall protection and usability.


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