Everything You Need to Know About Propane Tank Dimensions

Propane Tank Dimensions

Propane tanks come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, finding the exact dimensions is necessary for proper propane tank installation. Our team here at Texas Propane can help you determine the appropriate propane tank dimensions and sizing, as well as install your propane tank.

Propane Tank Dimensions

Propane Tank Dimensions by Size

Every propane tank manufacturer has a different set of specifications and dimensions. However, they are typically comparable in their measurements. The following are the approximate dimensions of propane tanks:

    150 Gallon     250 Gallon     500 Gallon     1000 Gallon
Length 85″ 92″ 120″ 190″
Diameter 25″ 30″ 37″ 41″
Weight 320 lbs. 485 lbs. 950 lbs. 1750 lbs.

Underground Propane Tank Hole Dimensions

Many people often don’t know what underground propane tank hole dimensions are necessary. Therefore, they wind up either digging a huge hole that is far too big or they dig a hole that will not accommodate the underground propane tank installation.

In addition, hole dimensions that do not conform to requirements can lead to postponement of the installation and possible service fees. Therefore, make sure to contact us here at Texas Propane for appropriate dimensions and proper propane tank installation services.

    250 Gallon     500 Gallon     1000 Gallon
Length 96″ 144″ 216″
Width 48″ 60″ 60″
Depth 40″ 46″ 60″

Keep in mind, the dimensions we list above are only average estimates. These are just a general idea of what hole measurements and propane tank dimensions are necessary. Therefore, avoid using them for excavation purposes without first contacting us here at Texas Propane. Contact us with the link below for actual and accurate measurements and tank dimensions.

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