Propane Gas Water Heaters

propane gas water heaters

Water heaters today are by far superior to those that were available in the past. Modern propane gas water heaters have become the primary water heating choice for consumers outside natural gas service areas. LP Gas water heaters available today that include standard “tank type” water heaters with capacities ranging from less than 40 gallons to larger units holding more than 100 gallons. As the move to cleaner and greener fuels becomes the standard, water heaters are now available in space saving models that consist of a tankless design. This cuts down on fuel consumption and decreases emissions as propane is only used as hot water.

Propane Gas Water Heaters

Tank Type Propane Water Heaters

Tank type propane water heaters have been around for decades. They require plumbing connections, pipe and fittings for both water and propane gas. Tank type water heaters utilize a large internal container (tank) to hold the heated water prior to use. Propane heats the tank from the bottom. Therefore, the unit heats the water inside to a temperature regardless of hot water demand and use.

For example, if the thermostat on a forty gallon water heater is at 130 degrees and hot water is not used or needed for 5 days, a forty gallon supply of water is available at 130 degrees for five consecutive days. The use of gas while the water heater is not in use is a standby heat loss and is extremely inefficient. However, propane is still a more cost effective water heating solution in comparison to other fuels.

Tankless Propane Water Heaters

Propane tankless water heaters are increasing in popularity for a number of reasons. The main reason being that they are much more efficient in their use of gas. The increase in efficient is due to the fact that the tankless water heaters only heater water as demanded. They don’t even utilize any gas until a downstream water fixture opens the hot water valve. As a result, there’s periods of inactivity that consume no gas and produce no emissions. Because of this, tankless water heaters are more cost effective as well as being much more environmentally friendly.

Tankless propane water heaters work similarly to an air conditioner where air is cooling as it is blowing across coils containing refrigerant and then circulating through the duct system, cooling the indoor area. Water enters the unit and travels through “coils” that the propane is heating¬†to a preset temperature. The hot water then travels to the tap for use until closing of the tap. The heater then shuts down, sensing that the flow of water has stopped. Tankless water heaters are self contained heat exchangers using technology that operates by sensing downstream demand. This automatically adjusts as demand varies, and turns off as there’s no longer a need for the hot water.


These are just the basics of propane gas water heaters for winter. Contact us with the link below for more information or to install your propane tank!

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