Propane Gas Heaters for Winter and Colder Months

propane gas heaters for winter

The most common use of propane gas is heating. Residential and commercial heaters using propane consist of both central heating and space heaters. The requirements for heater installation and usage are for the safety and well being of consumers, as well as comfort. To ensure the safety of consumers, proper care for propane heating appliances is essential. Incorrect use of propane heating appliances can result in a fire, damage and bodily harm. Even with the most careful planning and installation of propane gas systems, it is useless if heaters have improper placements, adjustments or use. Winter and colder months are upon us. Therefore, we will discuss propane gas heaters for winter.

Propane Gas Heaters for Winter

Propane Space Heaters

Space heaters are very popular in propane heating applications. They are available in vented and unvented models with installation and placement requirements for each.

In addition, propane space heaters need to properly sized to meeting heating requirements of a specific room or space. If not installed correctly, space heaters can be dangerous.

Propane Furnaces

Venting requirements are necessary for all propane central furnaces and commercial applications. LP gas furnaces are available in a range of sizes and capacity to handle larger scale heating requirements such as whole house venting.

Propane furnaces also require licensed HVAC technicians to ensure proper installation. Additionally, licensed professionals need to perform service and repairs because of the extreme danger that can result from either fire or Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Outdoor Propane Heaters

Outdoor propane heaters are portable and growing in popularity. They provide comfort to frigid outdoor settings are are one of the most common heating appliances for temporary outdoor heat. Also, outdoor propane heaters are not for indoor use. They provide outdoor heat through the following:

  • radiant infrared heaters
  • forced air heaters
  • convection heaters

In addition, these propane heaters are commonly fueled by LP Gas cylinders. This makes them an ideal choice for outdoor temporary heating.


These are just the basics of propane gas heaters for winter. Contact us with the link below for more information or to install your propane tank!

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