Benefits of Propane for Municipal Parks in Texas

propane for municipal parks

It can be challenging for park departments to meet the demands of managing many greenspaces while staying on budget and on time. In addition, private donors and boards are increasingly requesting that funds be directed toward more energy efficient, and sometimes costly, improvement. However, propane is an alternative fuel that can help parks of all sizes to manage these challenges and continue to meet, or even exceed, the expectations of local residents, visitors and budgets. Municipalities can benefit from propane-powered mowers, or accepting bids for fleets that operate with the alternative fuel. We will discuss a few of the many benefits of propane for municipal parks in Texas.

Propane for Municipal Parks

Reduce Emissions with Propane Mowers

For decades, gasoline equipment was the default option for maintaining greenspaces. However, the equipment is increasingly facing regulations as research continues to show that the small gasoline engines on commercial mowers and handheld equipment are significant contributors to pollution.

In contrast, a study by the Propane Education & Research Council discovered that propane mowers produce fewer emissions than gasoline-equivalent units. Therefore, this reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 17%, NOx emissions by 19%, and SOx emissions by 16%. Additionally, propane mowers meet—and often exceed—emissions standards in municipalities or regions that the “ozone action days” affect that otherwise limit equipment use with internal combustion engines. As a result, parks can avoid slowing down summer employees and daily maintenance during a busy season.

The EPA also recognizes propane as a non-contaminant of air, soil and water. This makes it safer to use around residents and visitors who enjoy park greenspaces than gasoline.

Lower Fuel Costs Can Free Funds for Other Park Projects

Park managers and superintendents are well aware of their annual budgets, especially in planning around capital projects.

With propane mowers, parks can see a reduction in fuel costs by as much as 30-50% in comparison to regular octane gasoline. Therefore, this allows you to regulate the funds toward other park projects.

Propane Mowers Increase Crew Productivity

Propane mowers offer several benefits to daily productivity. This allows crews to get work done faster and move on to other projects. For one, you can easily fill up full propane cylinders from a bulk tank at the end of the day. Therefore, crews can quickly load full tanks onto equipment at the start of their day before heading to a site.

You can even load additional full cylinders onto trailers to swap out with empty cylinders during the day. This eliminates the need to stop at gasoline refueling stations.


These are just a few of the many benefits of propane for municipal parks in Texas. Contact us at Texas Propane with the link below for more information or to get started on your propane service today!

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