How to Prepare for Winter Propane Delivery at Your Home or Business

how to prepare for winter propane delivery

No matter the weather conditions, our propane delivery drivers at Texas Propane work around the clock to ensure your propane home or business is warm all winter. Keeping warm during the winter is always essential for our propane customers. Therefore, we have put together a few safety tips to help prepare for winter propane delivery at your home or business.

How to Prepare for Winter Propane Delivery

Flag Your Propane Tank Now

While rare, snowfall is possible in Texas. Make sure to identify the exact location of your propane tank. You can use a flag, pole or surveyor’s stake to do this.

Any type of marker that will be easily visible in a few inches of snow will help locate your propane tank quickly.

Keep Your Propane Tank Clean and Visible

Here at Texas Propane, we suggest keeping your propane tank clear of debris and snow. We recommend using a soft broom to clear your tank of debris and snow.

If you have a traditional snow brush, this will work as well. However, whatever you decide to use, remember it has be soft. Therefore, you won’t damage your propane tank while trying to clean it.

Never Bring Your Outdoor Propane Equipment Inside

This refers to propane equipment such as your grill’s portable propane tank or even your grill itself. Never, under any circumstances, should you ever store these outdoor propane appliances inside your home during the winter months.

A quality grill cover will protect your propane grill and tank until next spring. However, you can also to store your grill in your garage or a shed. Just make sure disconnect the portable propane tank first. Ideally, your grill tank will be empty. In this case, it will be safe to store in a garage or shed.

Never Run Out of Propane with Texas Propane

When you’re a customer of Texas Propane, you won’t have to worry about checking your tank gauge during the cold weather months. You can call us at anytime and ask about scheduling your next delivery date.

These are just a few safety tips on how to prepare for winter propane delivery. Texas Propane is committed to making sure you and your family stay warm and satisfied all winter long. For more information on your winter propane delivery or to schedule your propane delivery with us, contact us with the link below!

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