How to Grill with Propane this Tailgate Season

How to grill with propane

Propane gas grills are undoubtedly one of the most common outdoor appliances people use today. They are increasingly replacing charcoal grills because of their ease of use without the clean-up necessary with charcoal grills. LP Gas grills commonly utilize a portable propane bottle that you can easily refill or exchange for continued enjoyment without the hassle of loading more charcoal and stirring up the ashes. Operating your propane grill safely will ensure that you prepare the food properly and that you are safe from harm. We will discuss how to grill with propane, as well as few propane grilling safety tips.

How to Grill with Propane

Assembly and Construction of a Propane Grill

Propane grills can be either the portable type or they can be built-in, such as in an outdoor kitchen. Regardless, the propane gas grill assembly or construction is one of the most crucial aspects of propane grill safety. Make sure to follow the manufacturers instructions when purchasing gas grills through a retailer, as they often come un-assembled. Typically, stores that sell grills will give buyers the option of having the grill assembled for pick-up at a later time and for first time propane grill users, this is generally the best option.

However, if you choose to assemble it yourself, make sure to follow all instructions precisely without taking any shortcuts. If run into issues contact the grill manufacturer.

Built in grills and outdoor living areas are increasing in popularity as well with people choosing “outdoor rooms” for entertainment and leisurely family time. Professionals¬†and contractors usually install built-in grills, however, sometimes homeowners choose to install them. Make sure the cabinets where the cylinders are is ventilated to avoid a build-up of propane vapor in the cylinder storage cabinet. Non-flammable materials such as rock or stone surround built-in grills. While the materials are not combustible, the ventilation needs to be ample for propane to escape if necessary. The reasoning for this ventilation for built-in grills is that the area underneath the grill is often hollow and is used as cabinet space which commonly houses the propane supply cylinder.

Grilling Safely with Propane

Similar to all applications using LP Gas bottles, propane gas grilling is an outdoor activity and is not something to enjoy indoors. While some people choose to use grills in their garage, this is not advisable. Ideally, grilling is outdoors in an area with good ventilation such as a patio, driveway or similar non-combustible surface open to fresh air and away from the building.

Three basic stages of safe propane grilling include the following:

  • lighting the grill
  • cooking (grilling)
  • shutdown process


These are just basics of how to grill with propane. Contact us with the link below for more information on propane safety!

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