Tips on How to Grill in the Winter

how to grill in the winter

Winter season is almost here! While some may¬†choose to store their propane grill safely away during the colder months, many often grill during the holiday season. Diehard grill masters know that cold weather doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy an incredible Texas BBQ year-round. Therefore, we have put together a few tips on how to grill in the winter.

How to Grill in the Winter

Move Your Cooking Area

Moving your cooking area in the winter to minimize the number of steps you have to take to get from your house to your propane gas grill. Make sure to determine the direction that the wind blows most often and try to find a spot that offers the best protection from the blusters of winter.

Cooking close to a structure or house is your best option to help block out those cold gusts. However, avoid overhangs, porches and anything that could present a fire hazard. Never grill in an enclosed area.

Pre-Heat Your Grill

As with all proper grilling, pre-heat your grill in advance. Colder temperatures will require a little more time to get your grill up to the temperature you want for cooking.

Therefore, make sure to give about 5 to 10 extra minutes from what you would normally.

Use Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic cookware is good for heat retention. This will help to insulate your food and keep it at temperature.

Additionally, cookware is great for transporting food to your propane grill or back inside after you create your grilled delights.

Heat a Cast Iron Pan to Hold Cooked Food

Use a heated cast iron pan to temporarily hold your cooked food while you finish the rest of the cooking.

Keep in mind, food will continue to cook in case iron, so remove it from the grill a little sooner than you would normally.

Leave the Lid Closed

You can preserve your heat by leaving the lid closed on the grill with the vents open.

Every time you open the grill this results in a loss of heat in the cooking chamber.

Keep Your Grill Covered

When you are not using your grill, make sure you cover it.

This is particularly necessary during the winter time to protect your propane grill from the elements.

Make Sure to Have Extra Fuel

Propane acts differently in cold weather. Therefore, it is ideal to have extra fuel on hand.

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These are just a few tips on how to grill in the winter. Texas Propane can handle all your propane needs! Contact us with the link below for more information.

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