Propane Safety Statistics: How Safe is Propane?

How safe is propane?

There are numerous statistics available for propane. The following are just a few statistics to answer the common question, “How safe is propane?”

How Safe is Propane?

US Propane Usage

Type of Propane Customer Usage
Residential Propane Customers 14,300,000
Commercial Propane Customers 1,040,000
Industrial Propane Customers 240,000
Propane Forklift Customers 456,000
Agricultural Propane Customers 81,000
Fleet Propane Customers 660,000
LPG Standby Generator Customers 110,000
Household Heating With Propane 6,880,000
Propane Grill Users 47,000,000

Propane Fire Statistics

One of the most common misconceptions about propane is that it causes and is responsible for the bulk of fires in the United States. However, according the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), propane is not the leading cause of fires.

In fact, propane does not even make the list as a source of residential structural fires in the U.S. Some of the factors on this list s major causes include the following:

  • cooking equipment
  • heating equipment
  • intentionally set fires
  • candles
  • smoking materials

Propane Safety Statistics

Accidents do occur with and around propane. However,  in reality, LP Gas usage statistics in combination with accident statistics show that propane is a safe fuel. The following statistics are from the NFPA between 2000 and 2004 listing LP Gas as the first material ignited in home structure fires. Simply put, propane (LP Gas) was the fuel that “started” the fire. In 2001, 9.4 million homes used LP Gas.

2000-2004 LP Gas Home Structure Fires Statistics
Average Annual Home Structure Fires 1,390
Average Annual Civilian Fire Deaths 23
Average Annual Civilian Fire Injuries 193

With the numbers from the NFPA, we will calculate the real value of those who claim propane is a dangerous fuel. The following are just a few:

  • 0.000148 residential structures burned every time LP Gas was the first material ignited
  • 0.0000025 people died in every accident of LP Gas being the first material ignited
  • 0.000021 people were injured in every incident where LP Gas was the first material ignited

The occurances of propane fires, injuries and deaths are so very rare for the total number of residential structures using propane. Using these same statistics, look at propane safety from another perspective:

  • 1 in 6,762 homes experienced a fire
  • 1 in 48,704 people were injured
  • 1 in 408,695 people were killed


These are just the basics statistics of propane safety to answer the common question, “How safe is propane?” Contact us with the link below for more information or to schedule your next propane installation with us!

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