Efficiency of Propane: Propane Appliances


The efficiency of household propane appliances is improving steadily. With appliances such as refrigerators and fireplaces becoming more environmentally friendly and the lack of need for electricity or oil to operate these appliances, it’s no wonder why propane appliances are becoming the main source consumption by consumers.

Efficiency of Refrigerators and Freezers

The efficiency of propane refrigerators has greatly increased since the start of them. Today, they are cleaner as well as more environmentally friendly.

The ability to function without an electric power supply is one of the top reasons why the propane fridge has stayed popular among consumers. There are many places where there is a need for a fridge without an electric power source such as camping grounds, and remote cabins and cottages. With the propane refrigerator, all one needs is to make certain the water-ammonia mixture will be heated regularly. Propane refrigerators come in numerous sizes to fit different demands.

Efficiency of Stoves and Ovens

Cooking appliances that are propane operated are one of the most popular propane-run appliances used. Propane cooking appliances heat up at a much faster pace than appliances that run on electricity or gas, thus cooking quicker and more efficiently.

Efficiency of Hot Water Heaters

It is extremely expensive to use oil or electricity to heat your water. You are also more likely to run out of hot water using these sources. Propane hot water heaters cost much less and supply a limitless amount of hot water. Instead of requiring a chimney to expel gas, hot water heaters can vent through exterior walls.

Efficiency of Fireplaces

Although not commonly thought of as an appliance, but it actually is. Propane fireplaces provide much more heat than a wood or coal burning fireplace, thus being much more efficient. They are so efficient that they can put out a striking 45,000 BTUs of heat. Another benefit of a propane fireplace is not having to constantly clean up ashes and soot.


The efficiency of propane operated appliances in the household is constantly improving. With these appliance becoming more economically and environmentally friendly, not switching to propane appliances seems almost impossible.

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  1. Jason Strong says:

    I have some good family friends are looking to install a propane tank on their property. They’ve been looking for a little bit now but don’t really know what kind they want yet. This has some great insights that I think could help them figure out what kind to get.

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