Benefits of Propane Irrigation Engines

benefits of propane irrigation engines

Propane-powered irrigation engines for crops are quickly growing in popularity. This is because there are numerous advantages to using propane instead of traditional gasoline or diesel engines. We have put together a few of the many benefits of propane irrigation engines.

Benefits of Propane Irrigation Engines

Propane-powered farm equipment has gained in popularity recently over competing options. The trend toward propane has been particularly prevalent in irrigation, one of the most energy-consumptive operations in agriculture. Here are the benefits of propane irrigation engines for farmers:

Efficiency and Affordability

Propane is an extremely efficient fuel choice in agriculture due to its eco-friendliness and relatively low cost. This fuel burns with only minimal emission, which makes it preferable to coal and diesel in farming environments.

Additionally, propane irrigation systems cost less money to fuel and operate. This amounts to savings in the agricultural industry.

A Clean Fuel

According to research from the Gas Technology Institute, propane-powered irrigation engines produce up to 18% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline and diesel alternatives. Propane is a clean fuel that will keep your engine clean, too.

Fewer deposits on engine components can help to extend the engine life with fewer maintenance issues. Also, because propane is a nontoxic gas, there is no need for an EPA spill prevention plan. Propane-powered irrigation engines provide the confidence that you’re keeping up with the environmental regulations.

Flexible and Portable

Farmers across the United States can agree that flexibility is a key element in successful farming. Fortunately, propane is a portable fuel so it is available whenever and wherever farmers need it, without being tethered to the natural gas line.

Propane operates on an independent system, so farmers are not affected by electric grid interruptions. Therefore, propane irrigation engines can increase reliability compared with electric irrigation motors.


These are just a few of the many benefits of propane irrigation engines. For more information on propane, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Texas Propane with the link below!

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